TT15Hafren CC Local Rules

Time Trial Rules and Regulations

The following rules are for local guidance only.  All Hafren CC Time Trials are conducted under CTT rules and regulations. Competitors must familiarise themselves with CTT rules as printed in the current CTT handbook or website, which are available from  CTT Rules and Regulations. Penalties for breach of rules will not be avoided by pleading ignorance.

Please note the following rule change for 2020

Regulation 14i: No competitor shall be permitted to start either a Type A or Type B event unless such competitor has affixed to the rear of their machine a working rear red light, either flashing or constant, that is illuminated and in a position that is clearly visible to other road users.

In addition to CTT Rules and Regulations CTT, Liverpool District Regulation shall apply

‘U’ Turns

Riders must not make ‘U’ turns either within sight of the start or finish of any event, or between points specified by the event organiser. Any rider observed making a ‘U’ turn in contravention of this regulation could be disqualified from the event. Any rider who makes repeated ‘U’ turns may be subject to disciplinary action.  A U-turn is defined as a 180 degree turn completed within the highway whilst astride the machine

The following notice should appear on all start sheets and be communicated to riders in Type ‘B’ events.

Riders must not make ‘U’ turns (within sight of start and finish or between points specified by the event organiser). Any rider observed making a ‘U’ turn in contravention of this regulation could be disqualified from the event. Any rider who makes repeated ‘U’ turns may be subject to disciplinary action.

Use of Arm Numbers

Event organisers shall have the authority to require riders to wear arm numbers in addition to back numbers in any event where it is considered necessary to aid the safe and effective conduct of the event e.g. to assist timekeepers. Where required, all riders must start the event wearing arm numbers (single or double) as required by the organiser and make every effort to continue to wear and display them correctly throughout the event.

The following notice should appear on start sheets where required and be communicated to riders in affected Type ‘B’ events.

Riders are required to wear arm numbers during this event (due to xx consideration). (Single or double) will be available at event sign-on. Riders should were them on their (left / left and right) upper arms. They must be worn at the start of the event so as to be clearly visible to event officials and marshals. Riders should make every effort to continue to wear and display them correctly throughout the event

Rules and Regulations (Local)

  1. The Competitions

Hafren CC runs men’s and women’s TT series, with aged related categories (see  6. Categories). Each event in the series counts towards these competitions. Please note, there is no overall club championship.

The TTs series also forms the Road Bike Championships (Men’s and Women’s).  Riders on Road Bikes should record this on the start sheet to gain points for this series. The riders top 9 places are aggregated to determine the winners. No second or third place award is made.

  1. Points
  2. Points shall be awarded the same for each gender category, with 30 points for the first man/woman, 29 for second, reducing by one point per place. In the event of a tie for place each rider will receive the same points that their finishing position merits, with the next rider home being awarded points on their finishing position. (For example 2 riders tying for first place will each receive 30 points, the next rider in, will therefore finish 3rd and will receive 28 points).
  3. Points will count towards the overall Men’s or Women’s trophy as well as the age related trophies.
  4. The club runs at least 14 qualifying events. Each competitor’s points are calculated from their top 9 results.
  5. Riders must enter a minimum of three qualifying rides for their points to count.
  6. Marshal Points. The club encourages all competitors to marshal, time keep, start, hold or assist the time keeper at club TT events (referred to as ‘marshals/marshalling’). To encourage this, marshal points are awarded on the following basis. 10 points will be awarded for marshalling, at club TTs (qualifying events and Hill Climb). These points will be added to the aggregate points achieved in c (above). Only 1 award of Marshal points per member shall be made.
  7. Marshalling etc. at the club Open TT does not carry award of points.
  8. At the start and finish
  9. Time trial timekeepers need to concentrate on the job in hand in order to avoid errors and ensure accurate times. Riders must not interfere with this concentration by asking the timekeeper or assistant for times during the event. Provisional times will be available shortly after the last rider finishes.
  10. Riders must not make U turns in the vicinity of the start or finish areas. This will lead to immediate disqualification. (Persistent offenders of any of the above may be suspended). Courses that only have a u turn to allow rides to return to the finish to collect personal belongings will have a designated turn area, which will be advised by the event officials.
  11. Riders must call their numbers at the finish. Starting times for Club events are shown in the list of events. In order for you to warm up (if you wish) and for the field to be set out, it is necessary to sign on at least 20 minutes before the start time. Anyone arriving after this deadline will not be allowed to ride.
    1. Late Starter

If you arrive after your start time you will not be able to start in your allotted place as riders must not start less than a minute before or more than a minute after another rider. The starting time keeper may be able to allocate you a later starting place from a rider who has declared he cannot start, but in most circumstances you will have to start a minute after the last allocated starting place. Your lateness in reporting to the start will constitute the penalty and may be added to the time calculated from your new start position.

      1. Safety and Visibility

Competitors must understand that whilst riding on the public highway a high standard of road sense is necessary.


Ride head down

Ride past the FINISH timekeeper once the event has started (e.g. warming up)

Turn dangerously

Obstruct the road at the start or finish of an event

(Did Not Start) and DNF (Did Not Finish). Riders must inform the start timekeeper if they are not going to ride for whatever reason. Riders who fail to finish the course must inform the timekeepers.

Protective Helmets

All competitors must wear a properly affixed helmet which must be of hard / soft shell construction. Helmets should conform to a recognised Standard such as SNELL B95, ANSI Z90.4, AUS/NZS 2063:96, DIN 33-954, CPSC or EN 1078. It is the responsibility of the rider (or parent or guardian if the rider is under 18 years of age) to:

      1. i) Select a Helmet that offers protection against head injury and does not restrict the rider’s vision or hearing.
      2. ii) Ensure that the helmet is properly fitted, is undamaged and in good condition.
      3. The Bicycle

This should be roadworthy. Triathlon bars with forearm supports, and equivalents, may be used. A solid disc wheel may be used at the rear of your bike, but must not be fitted as the front wheel. Spoked and composite spoked (tri-spoked) wheels may be used. Use of breakable vessels for food or drinks is prohibited.


The Club recommend that a working front and rear light, either flashing or constant, is fitted to the machine in a position clearly visible to other road users and is active at the start.

Observance of the Law

All competitors in or near the vicinity of the event must:

Observe the Highway Code and the law.

Not ride in a manner unsafe to themselves or other road users.

Ride on the left except for safe overtaking and when making right hand turns.

Conform to all traffic signs, signals and direction indicators.

In making any turn before, during or after the event, ensure that it is safe to do so.

Accidents and Medical Treatment

If you have an accident during a race, even minor, you must report it as soon as possible.

For most people, cycling is a safe and effective form of exercise. If you have any health concerns or an existing medical problem, see your GP before you start.


Where Marshals are appointed to assist riders to get round the course, it is the riders’ responsibility to make sure they know the route to follow in the race

Marshals are provided to enhance visibility to other road users and show that a cycle events is being run. They should point the direction the rider is to travel at junctions and roundabouts. They must not interfere with the rider, attempt to direct traffic and provide instructions as to road safety. Each rider must assess their own progress at junctions and not rely on instructions from marshals.

    1. Entrance Regulations


All Hafren CC TT Series events are run as CTT ‘come and try’ events. For insurance purposes riders must be a member of Hafren CC or another CTT affiliated club. Riders who are not members of Hafren CC or another CTT affiliated club can enter on a ‘come and try basis’ for a maximum of 3 events. Points are only awarded to Hafren CC members who have paid their subscription before riding and cannot be awarded retrospectively. Consequently, members who have not renewed or those having ridden on a ‘come and try ‘ basis will not be awarded points for those events until their subscription has been paid.

Entry fee per TT :- £4.00 (including £3.00 CTT levy)

    1. Categories

Age categories are:-


Category Age
Schoolboy/Schoolgirl 12- 15
Junior 16 -17
Senior 18-39
Veteran 40-49
Senior Vets 50-59
Grand Vet 60
    1. Additional Competition

Points accumulated within the series also count to a further competition.

Handicap Trophy

This is for the most improved rider for the TT series and is a joint event for women and men in their first season of time trialling.

The rider who shows the most improvement in average time in the season compared to the previous season will be awarded the trophy.

*Please note, that the Hill Climb is a separate event and the course is not a qualifying event in the TT series.