2022 TT Series Dates

At the CTT National Council AGM on Sunday 5 December 2021, several changes were made to CTT’s regulations.  In particular, two important regulations were passed and are implemented with immediate effect.

Firstly, ALL riders must use a front light attached to their machine. [Regulation 14(j)].

Secondly, ALL riders now must wear a helmet.  (Previously this requirement was only mandatory for under 18s).  [Regulation 15].

The present uncertainty around events mean we will once again be running on the Berriew 10 and Welshpool courses.

New for 2022 – Separate 3 Event Road Bike Series – Provisional. No TT bikes permitted. Come and have a go.

20-Apr-22R1Dave Fanning Memorial D4/8Forden 8Enter Here
Road Bike Series 
TT bikes will not be allowed to start
27-Apr-221HCC Club SeriesD310/1Berriew 10Enter Here
04-May-222HCC Club SeriesD312/1Welshpool 12Enter Here
11-May-223HCC Club SeriesD310/1Berriew 10Enter Here
18-May-224HCC Club SeriesD312/1Welshpool 12Enter Here
25-May-225HCC Club SeriesD310/1Berriew 10Enter Here
01-Jun-226HCC Club SeriesD310/1Berriew 10Enter Here
08-Jun-22HCC Open 10 – D310/1Berriew 10Enter Here
Friction and Hydraulics (SCCA)
15-Jun-22Mower Mec 2up (SCCA)D310/1Berriew 10Enter Here
22-Jun-227HCC Club SeriesD312/1Welshpool 12Enter Here
29-Jun-228HCC Club SeriesD310/1Berriew 10Enter Here
30-Jun-22SCCA Friction and Hydraulics (OPCC)D25/24RBerriew 25Enter Here
06-Jul-229HCC Club Series/ S B Sports (SCCA)D310/1Berriew 10Enter Here
13-Jul-2210HCC Club SeriesD310/1Berriew 10Enter Here
20-Jul-22R2Dave Fanning MemorialD4/8Forden 16Enter Here
2 Laps of D4/8 Course
Road Bike Series 
TT bikes will not be allowed to start
27-Jul-2211HCC Club SeriesD312/1Welshpool 12Enter Here
03-Aug-2212HCC Club SeriesD310/1Berriew 10Enter Here
10-Aug-2213HCC Club SeriesD312/1Welshpool 12Enter Here
17-Aug-2214HCC Club SeriesD310/1Berriew 10Enter Here
24-Aug-2215HCC Club SeriesD312/1Welshpool 12Enter Here
31-Aug-2216HCC Club SeriesD310/1Berriew 10Enter Here
07-Sep-22R3Dave Fanning MemorialD4/8Forden 8Enter Here
Road Bike Series 
TT bikes will not be allowed to start
11-Sep-22HCC Hill Climb D0/22A490 Pentre’r BeirddEnter Here
Club Championship/SCCA Hill Climb Series R5

Click the link by the event for on-line entry through Eventbrite. Events will be open to club members and guests. Guest riders supported the events very well last season and, given that racing will once again be limited by the pandemic, the club want to repay that support by making rides available to them.

Please check the web page Time Trials During a Pandemic for the latest updates to ensure Covid-19 safe racing

We will only run one open TT this year. This will be on Wednesday 8th June on the D310/10 (Berriew) course. We have had to plan this event with the probability that numbers will be restricted by the Welsh Government and we would not be able to have a competitive field and the required 12 marshals if numbers are restricted to 30 or 40

If you want more Time Trials the SCCA events are worth considering. For the same reasons, SCCA events are still being compiled, but the Friction and Hydraulics series is available by this link (click here)

Series Dates 2022 (Provisional)

Hill Climb. We are considering running the “double header”. where the ride out to the start is the first leg of the event and fastest aggregate time wins.