First Aid

The club provides appropriate First Aiders at coached activities. When a coaching event is run, at least one of Hafren CC’s BC accredited coaches will be a designated first aider

The club does not provide a designated first aider at other club activities, such as Time Trials and Club runs.

The club is committed to rider safety and all members should look at the Dealing with an Accident

The Club does not have “Club First Aiders”, who would have to carry first aid kit and become the club’s representative in case of need.  Riders ride at their own risk and the club does not take responsibility for their health and safety on a club run or Time Trial. However, if a fellow cyclist has need of first aid help, most of us would want to provide that help.  We have asked members to be “Recognized Persons” if they hold appropriate First Aid qualifications.

It is NOT the expectation that first aid should be administered in such a situation, only that an individual (the “Recognized Person”) would be willing and capable to take control of such a situation and organise the group etc. in a necessary fashion nor would it be expected or necessary to carry first aid equipment.

There are a number of first aiders within the club. Some, like the coaches, have had their first aid training provided through the club, while others have it from other activities.

A number of members indicated they would be happy to be identified as such (see the list below).

The club is also committed to helping a number of interested members in gaining first aid qualification if they, in return, would be willing to be a “recognized person”

In short, the idea is to identify a “recognized person” that (in the event of need) could be alerted to the problem and would be best placed to provide the help that all of would give, but are doing so with some experience and training of what is required. Someone without this training will, no doubt, want the best, but may provide the worst

Thanks to those willing to be “Recognized Persons” in this regard


Paul Bufton

Mike Holwil

Neil Vose

Keelan Serjeant

Andy Griffiths

Keith Merredith

Jackie Harris

Emma Serjeant

Mark Hill