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Guidelines for Time Keeper Assistants at TT Events

If you are volunteering to act as starter, holders or time keeper’s assistant in a HCC TT event please read the following guidelines which have been prepared to assist you in these duties.

The Time Trial series forms the heart of the club during the summer months and events cannot happen without help from Time keepers, starters and other marshals. Your volunteering for this is greatly appreciated by all who ride the events. These guidelines have been prepared to assist in clarifying what is required of you to ensure a safe and successful event. If you are new to helping at a TT and unsure of anything you are being asked to do please ask for additional instructions. Although these roles carry a lot of responsibility on the night they are rewarding to do and will add to your experience of club life, so please enjoy the experience. Thank you for making the race possible and safe

Safety of riders, officials and other road users is paramount. Be alert to possible dangers to yourself, competitors and the general public and act in such a way as to minimize risk or harm


Starters/Time Keeper Assistant

Arrive at the event early enough to collect your equipment from the event organizer. (TT secretary or his/her assistant)

This will include

High Visibility jacket or vest

Stop Watch

Start List

You may also be given flashing warning lights and advance warning signs, finishing flag

If you are given these, please ensure you know where they are to be located in relation to the start/finish

The time keeper or event organizer will explain what you are required to do. If unsure please ask for clarification


Before the start

Wear the High Visibility jacket or vest with which you have been provided

Make sure that riders assemble at the start in such a manner that does not obstruct other road users or pedestrians and they do not pose a risk to themselves or others. Ask them to queue in their ride order and to be mindful of risk when approaching the start

At the start

Make sure the start line is clearly marked by flag, cone or definite road marking so all riders have the same start point

If there is any debris at the start that can be removed, clear from the start line. If it cannot be removed warn riders of it as they approach their start position

Riders will be released at a start time and an agreed interval (normally 1 minute) agreed with the Time Keeper or Event Organizer

At 30 seconds to go before start inform the rider by ‘stating 30 seconds’. If someone is holding riders at the start this will be the time at which most chose to clip in and mount their bike

At 10 seconds to go tell the rider’10 seconds’

At 5 seconds to go count down: 5,4,3,2,1, Off (or Go)

Be mindful of traffic from both directions. Do not release a rider if it is not safe for them to enter the flow of traffic, it is better that a rider is delayed than involved in a traffic incident at the start

Shout the number for the next rider, who will then come forward to the start line, repeat the process.

In the event that a rider is unable to start they should tell you. Do not change the start time for the following rider, who will then leave at 2 mins behind

In the event that a rider misses their start position they should be sent off last

Riders do not have to be held if they chose not to. If there is a marshal available to hold riders at the start, check with each rider that they wish to be held. Riders not being held must be stationary at the start. A rolling start is not permitted and will lead to disqualification or time penalty

At the Finish

If your position is at the finish of the even,t please make sure that the finish flag is secured in such a way that you can see riders pass the virtual line and that you are able to position yourself in line with this flag at 90% to the road in such a manner that you do not put yourself in danger or pose and obstruction to other road users and pedestrians. This will ensure that all riders are given the same finish point

Riders must shout their finish number as they cross the line. Record the time on the finish sheet in the manner described by the Time Keeper or Event Organizer

Once the last rider has finished collect your equipment and return to event HQ


Arrive at the event early enough to collect your equipment from the event organizer. (TT secretary or his/her assistant)

Wear the High Visibility vest or jacket with which you have been provided

Assist the Time Keeper or Starter to clear any obstructions from the road and position signage and flags as required

Before the start, help ensure that riders do not obstruct other road users and pedestrians at the start area

At the start you duty will be to hold riders

If you are unfamiliar with this process ask for advice from the Time Keeper or Event Organizer as to the best way to do this. It is worth practicing with some friends before the event so that you are comfortable with how this feels and know how best to position your hands to support the balance of the rider while not obstructing their take off

The rider may want you to shift the angle at which they are being held to achieve the vertical. “My way” means to push the rider away from you slightly “Your way” means to left the fall slightly toward you.

Most riders mount and clip in at 30 seconds. This may not seem long, but provides plenty of time to get the rider’s starting position correct. Check with them that they are comfortable and feel balanced

Listen to the starter who announce 10 seconds, then count down from 5 seconds. Release the rider as the starter says Off (or Go). Do not push the rider off, simply release your hold

The starter will be looking for traffic hazard and may decide to delay the Off for safety reasons. Do not anticipate the shout of Off, be ready to hold the rider in the event that their start is delayed while passing traffic clears




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