Please read this and help keep the event safe

Remember your rear light. New CTT regulation, no working rear light, no ride.

The club actively encourages the use of front lights during Time Trials. For your own safety and that of officials, other competitors and the general public, please use a front light while racing.

The event is open to members and by invitation only. Numbers for the event are limited to 30 to include organizers and volunteers.

Need a parental support form – you can download it here. All riders under 18 will need to have this form, save time on the night, keep it safe and download it here.

Entry to all events is now through Event Brite (Click here)

Are you Covid Clear?

Privacy Notice. Personal contact e-mail and phone numbers will be retained in accordance with our privacy statement. If required, will be shared with NHS Test, Trace Protect Service.

You will need to carry out a self-assessment for COVID-19 symptoms and must not ride or attend the event if you are exhibiting symptoms.

At the sign on

  • Keep social distance in the car park and sign on areas
  • Give plenty of room between vehicles. (At least 2 metres). Please leave more if you are going to use static warmup (turbo/rollers)
  • Do not share equipment (pumps, spare wheels, etc)
  • Check the list of registered riders for your rider number.
  • Disposable numbers will be clipped to a line, collect your number.
  • Go to the Sign on sheet, sign and fill club, age and Road Bike if you want the result to count for these club competitions
  • Follow the one-way system.
  • Listen to the Event Officials and Marshals – help them keep it safe.

Important reminders

  • Remember to keep social distancing at all times.
  • You must comply with all Welsh Government guidance and regulations during the event.
  • Latest CTT guidance – Static warmup is permitted – keep 2 metres from everyone.
  • You can use the lavatories in the Community Centre. Please do not stay in the building longer than necessary. Maintain social distancing. Read and follow Community Centre Covid Guidance displayed.
  • No results will be given on the night and no cake! Finish your ride, back to your vehicle if you have one and go home. Results will be published as soon as possible.
  • Numbers. We have disposable numbers in Tyvek. Dispose of them safely. Check with the manufacturer on recycling.
  • Bring your own pins.
  • Bring a pen. You will still need to sign on. Until the CTT change the regulations you have to sign the sheet to ride or we are not covered by CTT insurances.
  • You must not leave any possessions with the officials at the start (bottle, jersey etc.)

At the event

  • Respect Social Distancing rules at the start and remember we are in Wales. Some different rules may apply than in England.
  • Arrive at the start “Race Ready” do not leave waterproofs, jackets, bottles etc with the starter.
  • There will be no pusher off; you will be expected to self-start.
  • Whilst waiting to start, maintain a social distance.
  • Drafting is against CTT rules. The risk assessment states if you catch a rider you should try and pass them as quickly as possible and in no circumstances should either rider be close enough to take shelter from the wind.
  • The CTT guidelines state on finishing competitors you must not stop at the finish, or loiter at the finish or in the car park afterwards.
  • U Turns at the finish may lead to disqualification.
  • Numbers are disposable. Take them home and dispose of safely. They are made from Tyvek.
  • Do not leave any PPE or cleaning items behind, take them home and dispose of safely.
  • You must pack up and leave immediately.
  • Do not congregate at the car park after the event.