Here are the results of the first time trial of 2021.  Thanks go to Steve Taylor for putting in a huge amount of work to ensure that the event could go ahead fully compliant with the current COVID-19 regulations and also to Des Pugh for time keeping.

PsnRiderTimeHCC MenHCC WomenPoints
1Kieran Morris20.13
2David Griffiths20.44
3Adam Baker21.08
4Fred Meredith21.17130
5James Satoor21.31
6Andrew Rose22.42
7Jason Walkley22.44
8Patrick Mayo23.45
9Conrad Taylor24.27229
10Mick Case24.37328
11Mark Hill25.02427
12Emma Serjeant25.04130
13Phil Gardner25.06
14 Paul Bufton26.21526
15Chris Marrs27.02
16Alun Roberts27.37625
17Thomas Fraenzel28.21724
18Steve Taylor31.19823
Max BuftonDNS
Peter VilliersDNS
Rob JonesDNS
Neil VoseDNS
Jason ArnoldDNS