Here are the results of the sixth, and final, round of this years shortened Club Time Trial Series.  Well done to all those that took part and, obviously, thanks to Steve Taylor for putting a lot of work in to enable the series to go ahead.  Thanks also to Des Pugh, Jason Arnold and all who helped out by marshalling and thank you all for your patience in these unusual times.  We hope to see you all, and many more, next year.  I shall collate all of the results and announce the final classifications in the very near future.

PsnRiderTimeHCC MenHCC WomenPoints
1Ben Pierce20.13
2Fred Meredith21.54130
3Bryn Davies22.07229
4Sean Grosvenor22.34328
5Metheven Bond22.38
6Tony Harvey23.01
7Neil Vose23.18427
8Ashley Banks23.29
9Conrad Taylor23.39526
10Dave Woodvine23.55
11Adam Riley24.04
12Glyn Jones24.48625
13Rebecca Woodvine24.53
14Jason Arnold25.01724
15Max Bufton25.24823
16Louise Hurdley25.29130
17Mark Devaney26.32
18Simon Jones26.38922
19Paul Bufton26.451021
20Robin Shedden27.03
21Vikki Jones27.31
22Helen Tudor27.38
23Sofia Brandon-Higgs27.59229
24Gareth Jackson29.061120
25Steve Taylor29.411219
Mark HillDNS
Leonie KeelingDNS