TT Series Dates

Although we try not to change events, sometimes we get beaten by roadworks. If there is a change to an event there will be information on Facebook, have a look to save travelling to the wrong start

Des Pugh has signed up to assist Tony with Time Keeping duties this year as Tony is unable to officiate all dates.

We won’t be running events on the Newtown Milford Road Course this year as it is difficult to Marshal safely and would put additional strain on limited resources.

Those events have been moved to the Berriew 10 course with a new HQ at the community centre.  Please use the car park at the Community Centre and do not park in front of the building as other organisations that may be using it on the same night.  We do get to use the toilets! The club has to hire the Community Centre for these events so the entry fee will rise to £4.00 for club TTs. This is the first ever increase in this. £2.00 of every ride goes to the CTT as a levy to fund the sport.

We are also running two open events this year on 6th June and 1st August.  These are not sign on the line and you will have to register through the CTT web site. Good luck to all in the 2018 season. If you want more Time Trials their SCCA events are worth considering,

The Time Trial series forms the heart of the club during the summer months and events cannot happen without help from Time Keepers, Starters and other Marshals. To help Marshals and  Time Keepers Assistants the club has produced guidance notes, please read these before your designated date for Marshalling.

To actively encourage marshals there is an award of Marshal points added to your points tally for counting events in the club TT series.  Volunteering for this is greatly appreciated by all who ride the events.

Marshalling carries a lot of responsibility on the night, but it is rewarding to do and will add to your experience of club life, so please take your turn to marshal and enjoy the experience.

Club TTs are run under CTT Rules, please make sure you understand these before competing.

CTT events (Club and Open) are subject to UKAD Doping Control.  A notice is displayed at the start, a copy can be found here Doping Control Notice

Club “Local Rule” and the Competition Rules can be found here.

HQs – Welshpool – School Car Park, Flash | Berriew – Community Centre

First rider off at 7:00pm. Sign on from 6:15 to 6:45

Date Round Event Course Click to view
2 May 1 HCC Club Series D10/8R Welshpool 10
9 May 2 HCC Club Series D310/1 Berriew 10
16 May 3 HCC Club/SB Sports D310/1 Berriew 10
23 May 4 HCC Club Series D25/24R Berriew 25
30 May 5 HCC Club Series D10/8R Welshpool 10
6 June HCC Open – Friction and Hydraulics * D25/24R Berriew 25
13 June 6 HCC Club Series D310/1 Berriew 10
20 June 7 HCC Club Series D25/24R Berriew 25
27 June 8 HCC Club Series D310/1 Berriew 10
4 July 9 HCC Club Series D10/8R Welshpool 10
12 July 10 HCC Club Series D310/1 Berriew 10
18 July 11 HCC Club Series D310/1 Berriew 10
25 July No TT Royal Welsh
1 Aug SCCA County Championship 10 * D310/1 Berriew 10
8 Aug Coaching Rev 2 up D310/1 Berriew 10
15 Aug 12 HCC Club Series D10/8R Welshpool 10
22 Aug 13 HCC Club Series D25/24R Berriew 25
29 Aug 14 HCC Club Series D310/1 Berriew 10
5 Sep HCC Hill Climb (Club Championship and SCCA Hill Climb Series R5 A490 Pentre’r Beirdd

* 6th June – Friction Hydraulics Open  TT and 1 August SCCA County Championship are not “Sign on the Line” events, you have to register beforehand at CTT

As these are Open Events we will need more Marshals, so if you are not going to ride please offer to Marshal on the night