2020 TT Series Dates

New shortened calendar – Covid 19

Championship results will be based on best four results for 2020

Why not have a go on a road bike and enter the Road Bike Series

Although we try not to change events, sometimes we get beaten by roadworks. If there is a change to an event there will be information on Facebook, have a look to save travelling to the wrong start.

We are also running two open events this year on 13th May (Open 10) and 3rd June (Open 25).  Our  Berriew 25 (D25/24R) is also being used for the SCCA Open 25 on Thursday 25th June and Oswestry Partagon on 16th July. We will need volunteers and Marshals for all four of these events. Open TTs are not sign on the line and you will have to register through the CTT web site. Good luck to all in the 2020 season.

If you want more Time Trials the SCCA events are worth considering, https://shropshirecca.uk/

The Time Trial series forms the heart of the club during the summer months and events cannot happen without help from Time Keepers, Starters and other Marshals. To help Marshals and  Time Keepers Assistants the club has produced guidance notes, please read these before your designated date for Marshalling.

To actively encourage marshals there is an award of Marshal points added to your points tally for counting events in the club TT series.  Volunteering for this is greatly appreciated by all who ride the events.

Marshalling carries a lot of responsibility on the night, but it is rewarding to do and will add to your experience of club life, so please take your turn to marshal and enjoy the experience.

Club TTs are run under CTT Rules, please make sure you understand these before competing.

CTT events (Club and Open) are subject to UKAD Doping Control.  A notice is displayed at the start, a copy can be found here Doping Control Notice

Club “Local Rule” and the Competition Rules can be found here.

The Welshpool 10 Course (D10/8R) has been extended slightly for safety reasons and is now the D312/1 (Click for route)

All courses used for local TTs and Hill Climbs can be found on the Event Courses Page of the SCCA website – click here

There have been some changes at the CTT in recent months. It is now compulsory to have a working rear light to start a TT (club and open events). See CTT GN24 Rear Lights 2020. No light no ride, so please make sure you have one.

There is also an important new regulation concerning U Turns

Liverpool District – Local Regulations 2020. ‘U’ Turns Riders must not make ‘U’ turns either within sight of the start or finish of any event, or between points specified by the event organiser. Any rider observed making a ‘U’ turn in contravention of this regulation could be disqualified from the event. Any rider who makes repeated ‘U’ turns may be subject to disciplinary action. A U-turn is defined as a 180 degree turn completed within the highway whilst astride the machine

HQs: (Click for Map)  Welshpool – School Car Park, Flash | Berriew – Community Centre

First rider off at 7:00pm. Sign on from 6:15 to 6:45

Keep your social distance. Do not congregate at or near the finish. After you finish, ride straight home or return to your vehicle and leave immediately. Please do not congregate at the car park.

These events will be cancelled if Welsh Government and CTT regulations and guidance is not followed. Please help keep it safe for riders, officials and the general public. Do not leave litter.

No results will be issued on the night. Please do not ask the Timekeeper of other Official for your time. They will be published as soon as possible after the event. Please remember that these results are published by volunteers.

New shortened calendar – Covid 19

29-Jul-201HCC Club SeriesD310/1Berriew 1010 Miles
05-Aug-202HCC Club SeriesD312/1Welshpool 1212 Miles
12-Aug-203HCC Club SeriesD310/1Berriew 1010 Miles
19-Aug-204HCC Club SeriesD310/1Berriew 1010 Miles
26-Aug-205HCC Club SeriesD312/1Welshpool 1212 Miles
02-Sep-206HCC Club SeriesD310/1Berriew 1010 Miles
20-Sep-20HCC Club SeriesD0/22A490 Pentre’r Beirdd

7pm start with first rider off at 7:01. Signing on will be from 6.15. When signing on please maintain social distancing, Use hand sanitiser before signing on, please bring your own pen.

When preparing to race you must be self-sufficient and pin your own number on, unless you have a member of your own household to do it for you.

Warming up, under the current regulations warming up on turbos or rollers, please warm up on the road or in the war up zone

There will be no pusher off you will be expected to self-start , whilst waiting to start again maintain a social distance.

Drafting this is against CTT rules but the risk assessment states if you catch a rider you should try and pass them as quickly as possible and in no circumstances should either rider be close enough to take shelter from the wind.

The CTT guidelines state on finishing competitors must not stop at the finish, or loiter at the finish or in the carpark afterwards, we will leave a box for you to return your number to and then you must pack up a leave immediately. Results will not be available after the event, but will be on the website as soon as possible.