Here are the results for last nights time trial which was held on the new Welshpool 12 course (D312/1).  Next weeks TT will be held on the Berriew 10 course (D310/1) and will be held complying to current Covid-19 regulations.

PsnRiderTimeHCC MenHCC WomenPoints
1David Griffiths23.24
2James Satoor24.18
3Bryn Davies24.53130
4Sean Grosvenor25.09229
5Fred Meredith25.19328
6Mark Hill26.27427
7Dean Barnett27.02
8Conrad Taylor27.39526
9Emma Serjeant28.11130
10Glyn Jones29.04625
11Simon Jones29.52724
12Peter Villiers30.58823
13Thomas Fraenzel31.27922
14Helen Tudor32.04
15Gareth Jackson34.061021
16Steve Taylor34.321120
Shane LoganDNS
Peter ThomasDNS